The Challenge (2010 - 2014)

The quest to climb the highest mountain on each continent has captured the imagination of climbers throughout the world.

Glasgow businessman and fitness enthusiast Steven Budd is attempting to climb 8 of the highest summits on all 7 continents within 4 years to raise money for charity. To date only 59 people have achieved this..


The whole expedition will cost £100,000 so we plan to match this cost and raise a further £100,000 for our chosen charity>.

With charities it is not only the fundraising that is important! Raising awareness, heightening charity profile and commitment from corporate sponsors and individuals is another vital piece in the charity jigsaw puzzle.

It is safe to say that everyone in their life will have been touched by cancer in some way, therefore support to Cancer Research is imperative.

Firstly donating to Just Giving will make a difference but costs of the expedition are also required.

We need sponsors to cover the cost of the expedition so most of our time can be spent fund-raising for the charity.

A maximum of 2 sponsors will be required for each mountain as this will enable us to focus all our advertising and Media exposure to include both these sponsors.

Sponsors will also be on our new website and all printed advertising regarding our Expedition. On top of this website addresses and logos will be sewn into garments worn on the climb, and most importantly your company logo and name will be captured with Steven at the summit of the mountain..

For more information on becoming a sponsor please contact

The Summits

1/ KILIMANJARO, Africa 5895m/19,340ft (18th - 30th July2011)

2/ MONT BLANC, Europe 4810m/15,780ft (25th - 29th June 2011)

3/ ACONCAGUA, S. America 6959m/22,830ft (2012)

4/ DENALI, N. America 6194m/20,320ft (2012)

5/ ELBRUS, Europe 5642m/18,510ft (2013)

6/ CARSTENZ PYRAMID, Australasia 4884m/16,023ft (2013)

7/ VINSON MASSIF, Antarctica 4897m/16067ft (2014)

8/ EVEREST, Asia 8850m/29,035ft (2014)

Seven Summit definitions

The Seven Summits are the highest mountains of each of the seven continents. Summiting all of them is regarded as a mountaineering challenge, first postulated as such in the 1980s by Richard Bass.

Owing to different interpretations of continental borders (geographical, geological, geopolitical) several definitions for the highest summits per continent and the number of continents are possible. The Seven Summits number of seven continents is based on the continent model used in Western Europe, the United States and Australia

The highest mountain in the Australian mainland is Mount Kosciuszko (2,228 m). However, the highest mountain in the Australian continent which includes Australia and New Guinea is Puncak Jaya (4,884 m), in the Indonesian province of Papua on the island of New Guinea which lies on the Australian continental shelf.

Puncak Jaya is also known as Carstensz Pyramid. Some sources claim Mount Wilhelm, 4,509 metres, as the highest mountain peak in Oceania, on account of Indonesia being part of Asia (Southeast Asia).The peak belongs to the Bismarck Range of Papua New Guinea. A Seven Summits list including Mount Wilhelm has never been widely supported or formally recognised.

In Europe, the generally accepted highest summit is Mount Elbrus (5,642 m) in the Caucasus. However, because the Caucasus form the border between Asia and Europe its inclusion in Europe is disputed. The highest mountain wholly within Europe is Mont Blanc (4,810 m) on the border of France and Italy.

The mountaineering challenge to climb the Seven Summits is traditionally based on either the Bass or the Messner list. (It is assumed that most of the mountaineers who have completed the Seven Summits would have climbed Mont Blanc as well).

This is why we have our 8 Summits.

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Sponsors List

Sponsors for Kilimanjaro and Mont Blanc.

Infinity Maintenance Ltd. MediaCorp Online.

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Cotswold Outdoor.


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